Day Services


Big Lakes Developmental Center, Inc., through its Adult Training Centers in Manhattan and Clay Center, provides Day Services that assist adults with intellectual/developmental disabilities toward achieving maximum self-respect and self-sufficiency in the mainstream of the community. There are three components of the Day Services programs: Work Services/Work Skills, Community Employment/Placement Services, and Community Integration and Support Services (CISS).

Work Services/Work Skills

The Work Services/Work Skills program provides long-term work instruction and supervision, developmental training, and supportive services which enable individuals to increase their level of independent functioning and to obtain an earned income through contract work. It also provides specific skills training and employment opportunities to reinforce good work skills, habits, and attitudes, and in coordination with the CISS program, provides structured alternative activities in Work Enrichment, Day Activities, and Life Skills Training.


SumariCommunity Employment/Placement Services

The Community Employment/Placement Services program facilitates the placement of individuals in integrated work sites, either in small groups with Big Lakes staff supervision or in independent competitive placements in the community. Community Employment opportunities may include employment in a Work Group or on a Mobile Crew. Both of these are paid by Big Lakes. Work Groups work entirely in a community setting and are supported by Big Lakes staff. Mobile Crews work in the community at least 15 hours a week but may work at least part of the week in Work Services/Work Skills. They are also supported by Big Lakes staff. Community Placement Services assist persons with obtaining and maintaining employment in an individual placement in competitive employment with a community employer with minimal job support from Big Lakes staff.

Community Integration and Support Services (CISS)


There are six components of CISS including Life Skills Training, Work Enrichment, Day Activities, Community Access and Activities Program, Retirement Services, and Life Enrichment Services.

• Life Skills Training maximizes and enriches the individual’s independent functioning through formal training with groups and individuals in work and non-work related skills, and provides opportunities for interaction and participation in the community. Life Skills Training may include vocational skills, personal hygiene, money management, cognitive skills, or leisure and pre-vocational skills.

• Work Enrichment maximizes and enriches the individual’s independent functioning through work and non-work related skills, and provides learning opportunities for interaction and participation in the community in coordination with Day Activities, Life Skills and Work Skills Training. Individuals participating in Work Enrichment may need more intensive supervision and support with training in pre-vocational skills.

• Day Activities provides alternate non-work activities which develop leisure and recreational skills, community integration and interaction, and sensory and cognitive stimulation in coordination with Work Services/Work Skills and Work Enrichment. This program allows individuals to participate in activities other than work for a portion of their day and may include crafts, gardening, and field trips.

• The Community Access and Activities program enhances the personal, social, and community opportunities by accessing services, resources, and leisure in the community for occasional non-work activities. This program may include coffee or lunch outings, thrift shopping, baking and cooking, exercise or playing on the Wii.

• Retirement Services are for individuals who would benefit from assistance on accessing services, resources, leisure and retirement options in the community. Individuals participating in Retirement Services participants must be at least 62 years of age or have some limitations in personal, social, and life skills, or whose health concerns suggest partial or full retirement.

• Life Enrichment Services maximize and enrich the client’s life experience through individualized, productive, self-affirming daily activities and provide opportunities for culturally normative interaction in the community. Individuals in Life Enrichment Services have physical and developmental challenges that require intensive physical supports.

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