A separate but affiliated nonprofit corporation, the Big Lakes Foundation, Inc., is established to solicit, encourage and facilitate the contribution of funds for fulfilling Big Lakes’ mission. It is difficult to fund additional services and facilities from operating budgets. As governmental support decreases and competition for limited philanthropic funds increases, gifts become even more critical.

How Can You Help?

The most popular way to make charitable gifts is with a check. Cash contributions are convenient for the giver and can easily be recorded through canceled checks or receipts.

Property Gifts
Jewelry, antiques, works of art, patents and other personal property should not be overlooked for their gift potential.

Life Insurance
Paid up or new policies, dividends, and policy proceeds available if primary beneficiaries are no longer living make practical gifts. If you have a policy you no longer need, consider changing the beneficiary to a charitable organization.

Real Estate
Homes, farms, undeveloped or developed property, rental or resort property provide countless opportunities for future Big Lakes consumers.

Regardless of your charitable giving goals, an up-to-date will is one of the most important legacies you can leave your family. If you would like to create a substantial memorial, but delay the transfer of property until you no longer need it, consider the flexibility of a bequest–a gift through your will.

Stocks, bonds, mutual funds, certificates of deposit, and other securities offer several more alternatives for giving.

Create a memorial
People who give for memorials are not necessarily wealthy by most standards. Most cannot afford to part with large amounts of money or other property which may be needed to support themselves or their families. But many are pleased to find how a memorial can be a lasting and beneficial tribute to a loved one.

Obtain further tax informationd
Actual tax saving, either on income or gift and estate taxes, can be realized when you incorporate planned giving into your financial plan. However, since the tax laws constantly change, we recommend that your gifts – especially deferred gifts – be made after you have obtained tax and legal advice.

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