Residential Services

LL2A8508The Residential Services Program at Big Lakes Developmental Center seeks to increase each client’s independent living skills. Working both individually and in group settings, residential staff assist the individual in gaining new skills in self-care, social interactions, food preparation, laundry, household chores and community resources. Our clients have access to a traditional home environment that is best aligned with their needs and preferences. Big Lakes offers two levels of Assisted Living and Supported Living. In the Assisted Living Programs, individuals are aided in attaining independence through guidance and training. As skills are acquired, individuals may advance to the Supported Living Program.

The ultimate goal of the Residential Services Program is heightened self-sufficiency to the fullest extent possible. For some, the goal may be total independent living while for others it may be moving from an institutional setting into a community-based residential home with 24-hour care.

Assisted Living I and II

In Assisted Living I, on-site staff support and assistance is available 24 hours a day. The goal of Assisted Living I is to help the residents grow in life skills and social adjustment. The Assisted Living II program accommodates clients needing daily, but not constant staff supervision, helping them to live in the community as independently as possible.

Supported Living

The goal of Supported Living is to provide periodic support and training which will enable the residents in this program to establish and/or maintain independent living in the community. Individuals in this program lease their own apartments or own their own homes.

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